We operate 50 weeks a year, closing for 2 weeks for our Christmas break. Our academic calendar is organised into 4 x 10-week terms. The balance of just under 10 weeks make up our inclusive holiday activity weeks where the Kindergarten is open as normal or parents may choose to take holiday. No additional fees are charged for the holiday activity weeks.

Parents have a choice of 2 sessions to 10 sessions a week. A session is a block of 3 hours.

For details of timings, please give us a call on 6762 8158 or email us on

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Our classes are designed for:
We accept children form 18 months in our Pre-Nursery programme.



THE RISING FIVES (Kindergarten)

Please note that we do not run a dedicated class for children who are rising 6 years old.

At Swallows and Amazons, we run a programme of Extra Curricula Activities of ECAs utilising the activities available within walking distance of the Kindergarten. Depending on the activity, ECAs run from 1.15pm to 2pm for the most part.

The ECAs available are:

» On Mondays - Tiny Tots Soccer
» On Tuesdays - Aquaducks Swimming
» On Wednesdays - Story Telling Yoga by Urban Yogis
» On Thursdays - Tots Tennis
» On Fridays - Bubblesgym

The ECAs are open to all those children aged three and above, unless otherwise indicated above, depending on availability. The only charge for taking part will be the fees for the ECAs, not school fees would be charged for children being collected at the end of the ECA. More importantly, it means that there is no more chauffering your child from one extra-curricular activity to another. With Swallows and Amazons it is all available in-house and on site.

Inquiry Based Learning – On Transforming Wonder into Knowledge

“Our goal as educators is to help students make the leap from intuitive understanding and natural curiosity to knowledge creation – to a space where ideas can be transformed into formalised understanding and further questioning.”The Capacity Building Series-Ontario

We recognise the natural variation in individuals' abilities and learning patterns. Simply put it means that children learn in different ways and excel in different areas. In our learning environment, there are learning centres specifically developed to address the eight intelligences. This allows children to find their niche and to express their individuality.

The Kindergarten classroom is an ever-changing and dynamic learning environment. Children gather together as a whole class to listen to stories, sing songs and share and discuss ideas; smaller groups are used for exploration and discovery tasks.

Art & Crafts – allows children to express their feelings through their artwork. This centre builds the Spatial, Interpersonal and Intrapersonal Intelligences.

Construction, Block Play & Manipulatives – allows children to use and develop their Bodily Kinesthetic and Spatial Intelligences as they use motor skills to build structures. Planning with other children requires them to use their Verbal-Linguistic and Interpersonal Intelligences. Logical-Mathematics and Bodily-Kinesthetic intelligences are developed as children work together with small building materials, beads, puzzles and other manipulatives.

Drama, Pretend Play & Social-Emotional Discovery–uses and develops Interpersonal and Verbal-Linguistic Intelligences as children interact and role-play with each other. Bodily-Kinesthetic Intelligence is used in the development of body language skills.

Reading, Writing & Story Time– Verbal-Linguistic intelligence is used as students listen to, read and write stories. Musical intelligence is also being developed through the music heard in the listening centre. Intrapersonal Intelligences come to the fore when children enjoy expressing themselves in writing.

The Sensory Table, Cookery & Science– develops Logical-Mathematical and Naturalistic Intelligences as children measure and explore properties of substances during play and cooking.

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