In the early childhood developmental programme at Swallows and Amazons we are laying the foundation for all learning that is to come thereafter. As the curriculum develops, basic concepts are revisited and built upon until children grasp them fully. In this developmental approach, the traditional maths, literacy, writing and foreign language skills are not learnt independently of each other. On the contrary, they are so interrelated that it may be hard to distinguish one from the other.

Learning at Swallows and Amazons is about experiences: Interacting with each other and the environment – a version of real life!

Habits acquired in a child’s early years persist into later life. Successful adults tend to be lifelong learners but this habit of enquiry and love of learning depends on an education that rewards exploration and questioning. If a person wants to do something themselves, they will do it well and derive satisfaction from the experience. If they are simply doing what they are told it becomes a ‘task’. At Swallows and Amazons, learning is not a task; it’s FUN!

Our early childhood learning experience enhances the children's personal development and gives them a growing sense of responsibility. The Swallows and Amazons’ program teaches them how to try new things with confidence and creativity and to develop a "can do" attitude. Risk taking is both stimulating and rewarding. As the children's endurance and stamina increases, their teachers will adjust their learning challenges.

Young children need lots of practice and patient encouragement in their learning. Having fun while working together is just as important as completing the task.
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